Chris Betcher

Time is always ticking. Photo by Chris Betcher.

Exchange Rate

Operator: “911 … what is your emergency?”

Caller: “I need some assistance – I am at risk of not winning my fantasy hockey playoffs!”

Middle Men

The men mired in the middle. Do you hang on to them or finally cut bait?

I am exposed to several players on my roster who fall into this category. It is time to make your decisions and move along with your season, grab that free agent who can help you now. If you wait to throw out that under-performing star odds are you will eventually drop him as you pursue late season wins. It is time to drop them now; you always have an opportunity to grab them back if they catch fire. Some of the players that fall into that category which I am surrounded by are Jamie Benn, Carter Hart, Phil Kessel, and Devan Dubnyk. All of these players have the potential to become valuable down the stretch, along with the chance of being dropped for non-performance. Time to move along with putting together your championship lineup. Odds are one of your pickups will pay off.

Playing the waiver wire along with taking advantage of favorable schedules can boost your roster into the playoffs.

Here are some free agent options that may be available in your pool:
(Own % as of Wednesday Nov. 7th in Yahoo leagues)

Forward Team % Own Notes
Phil Kessel ARI 88 Go with the schedule advantage if available
Barrett Hayten ARI 1 Getting plenty of top 3 usage, potential sleeper now
Ondrej Palat TB 24 Always tickles the edge of a roster spot, keep scoring?
Defense Team % Own Notes
T.J. Brodie CAL 7 Given up on in pools, has value as a Def streamer
Goalies Team % Own Notes
Carter Hart PHI 79 Watch the start split with Elliott, can be very good

Schedule advantage Nov 11 – Nov 17:

  • 4 games, 3 teams: ARI, OTT, WAS
  • 2 games, 4 teams: CBJ, NYI, NAS, TB

Looking further ahead to Nov 18 – Nov 24:

  • 4 games, 5 teams: ARI, CAR, DET, EDM, FLA
  • 2 games: none

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