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Operator: “911 … what is your emergency?”

Caller: “I need some assistance – I am at risk of not winning my fantasy hockey playoffs!”

What week is this?

First off, when trying to provide weekly advice, it is a good idea to steer your readers in the right direction. It will all depend on the provider of your pool or league – and there are several to choose from. For this article’s purpose, we will focus on Yahoo and Fantrax, with the first featuring more of a daily format with Fantrax using a weekly transaction/lineup deadline favored by some coaches. None has a better format, only different depending on your preference or time you have to commit to your rosters.

Yahoo combined the shorter week 1 with a full week 2, so that sets week 6 as Nov. 11-17. The same week on Fantrax is Period 7, as they used weeks 1 and 2 as separate scoring periods. Got it? This is why I will refer to the current week by date to ease the confusion.

Playing the waiver wire along with taking advantage of favorable schedules can boost your roster into the playoffs.

Here are some free agent options that may be available in your pool:

Nov 18 – Nov 24: Yahoo Week 7, Fantrax Period 8
(Own % as of Thursday Nov. 15th in Yahoo leagues)

Forward Team % Own Notes
Oskar Lindblom PHI 19 Hot hand in scoring lineup, starting to cool, great start
Jared McCann PIT 22 On pace to set career highs, Crosby fill-in
Jonathan Toews CHI 58 Middle Man dropped prematurely in several pools
Victor Olofsson BUF 51 Will he get his PP goal touch back?
Defense Team % Own Notes
Phillippe Myers PHI 4 Coming on lately, 3 pts in 5 games
Ryan McDonagh NYR 29 Steady contributor on great scoring team
Goalies Team % Own Notes
Alexandar Georgiev NYR 18 Getting starts, ownership growing, will trend continue?
Adam Werner COL 7 Could this be this year’s Hamburgler?

Schedule advantage Nov 18 – Nov 24: Yahoo Week 7, Fantrax Period 8

  • 4 games, 5 teams: ARI, CAR, DET, EDM, FLA
  • 2 games: none

Looking further ahead to Nov 25 – Dec 1: Yahoo Week 8, Fantrax Period 9

  • 4 games, 16 teams: BOS, BUF, CBJ, DAL, LAK, MIN, MON, NYR, NAS, OTT, PHI, PIT, SJ, STL, TB, VAN
  • 2 games, 1 team: FLA

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