Book Review: Searching for Bobby Orr – Steven Brunt

Greetings hockey fans! I have decided to share some recent readings of books related to hockey you may enjoy. Most are readily available and extremely inexpensive (starting under $5) on eBay or other sites. Please check back at for more book reviews.

Highly recommended. A must read for Boston Bruins fans and all hockey lovers. After reading, your perspective will change on Bobby Orr and the entire professional contract process for athletes. This book is about the life and career of one of the greatest players to ever lace up their skates. Period.

Rarely do you find a book that the early Prologue grabs you from the start and sends you through the first few chapters than this book. From the first time the author sees Bobby skate for Oshawa at The Forum, the legend of Orr was evolving. The chapters travel through the early guidance of Bucko McDonald to the influence of Wren Blair, on to Bobby’s contract negotiations reaching unseen levels. How Mr. Blair influenced the young future star and his family with the frequent home visits, to the involvement of then budding super-agent Alan Eagleson, this book follows Orr’s life and NHL career in vivid detail right up to his final team, the Chicago Blackhawks. Mr. Brunt’s writing is captivating and very easy to follow. I have read other books on Bobby Orr; this one ranks right up there with the best I have found. A fantastic book, highly recommended.