Book Review: Midnight Hockey – Bill Gaston

Greetings hockey fans! I have decided to share some recent book readings related to hockey you may enjoy. Most are readily available and extremely inexpensive (starting under $5) on eBay or other sites. Please check back at for more book reviews.

Recommended. A “must read” for beer league and oldtimer league players. This book is a biography from the author‘s memory of a well-traveled career ending up in oldtimers leagues. It moves from some interesting after-game dressing room beer banter to stories from bars and hotels. The author speaks of injuries as the body ages and doubts whether to keep playing into his 50’s. A nice touch is every time he refers to his wife FeeFee, he uses an appropriate adjective at every mention. The “stern FeeFee” or “the knowledgeable FeeFee” which is very creative and enhances the references.

It’s all here; the fart jokes, the smelly gear bags, and a lifelong love of hockey that seemed to grow stronger over time. “Just how long can this body go on?” is addressed again at the end of the book with a definition of why he must try to play every year due to his love of midnight hockey.