Book Review: The Game I’ll Never Forget (100 Hockey Stars’ Stories) – Selected by Chris McDonell

Greetings hockey fans! I have decided to share some recent readings of books related to hockey you may enjoy. Most are readily available and extremely inexpensive (starting under $5) on eBay or other sites. Please check back at for more book reviews.

Recommended. This book is filled with 2-page spreads on 100 players and their recollection of the one game that they remember most. The pictures on each player are great, many from the original six, some suitable for framing. Including box scores for every game, no game is repeated from the players/coaches selections. There is also a small corner box on all 100 skaters recapping their career. Available in large-size paperback 8 1/2 x 11 to make the pages jump out at you even more.

It is not a book that follows a plot or tells an ongoing story. A fantastic book for reading a few pages and then setting it down to continue later. I actually carried it around for a while with an interesting new story every time I went back to reading. Put together very well featuring selected stars Orr, Toe Blake, Beliveau, Dryden, both Espositos, Gordie, Glenn Hall, Jacques Plante, Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita. Cool section dividers including Gretzky, and Ray Bourque. Appropriately, the last player story is about Gump Worsley, shown snatching a puck out of the air to end the book, with his mask-less face focused on the save.