Book Review: The Game – Ken Dryden

Greetings hockey fans! I have decided to share some recent readings of books related to hockey you may enjoy. Most are readily available and extremely inexpensive (starting under $5) on eBay or other sites. Please check back at for more book reviews.

Highly recommended. Self-proclaimed “The best hockey book ever written” the Game is at times referred to as one of the greatest sports books ever. A must read for veteran fans looking for a behind the scenes glimpse into the Montreal locker room during the 1970’s. Features detailed perspective from a first-hand witness to the greatness of the 70’s Canadiens. Dryden definitely exposes his character with all the recollections of interactions with the players, fans, and his family. He is very talented at putting what he is thinking into words. The book shares fantastic views on retirement and his take on the state of the sport in the later chapters.

The part of the book that stood out the most to me was Dryden’s memories of playing in his backyard in his younger days in the middle-class Toronto suburb of Islington in the 1950’s. The text created several visuals of hockey with a tennis ball and goes into detail about the magic of “Dryden’s Backyard.” A well-written great read for all hockey fans and sports fans alike.