Kane and Bogosian to Bufflo for Myers, Stafford++

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Kane and Bogosian to Bufflo for Myers, Stafford++

Postby WinnipegWingnut » Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:31 pm

Thanks god! While it sucks I'll have to get a new Jets jersey (made an impromptu purchase year 1 of a Kane jersey) I'm just glad to see that guy and all his bags of drama gone from this city. While Bogo was a solid blue liner, his well documented issue with cocaine is also nice to get out of a locker room full of young guys.

Hoping Myers can re-gain that rookie magic with a new start, and Stafford will be a decent third liner - where Kane was playing. The first rounder, Lemieux and Armia should help us build for the future.

Big win for the Jets here.... Buffalo is going to need some hard nosed vets in that dressing room to simmer #9's big ego.
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Re: Kane and Bogosian to Bufflo for Myers, Stafford++

Postby dbacksfan414 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:17 pm

I'm a huge fan of Evander Kane's play on the ice when he's healthy. But he's an injury prone player with an attitude problem. That isn't a good combination. Bogosian has been a disappointment, but he's better than Myers in my opinion. Kasdorf was behind Helleybuyck and Comrie in Winnipeg's system, but I don't think he'll turn out into anything good.

Stafford is a free agent after this year, I think. He wasn't doing well in Buffalo, anyway. Armia, I'm not a fan of. He was a first rounder in 2011, and I don't think he's played in an NHL game yet, which is rare for a skater. Lemieux is a decent prospect from what I read. Myers is nowhere near the player he was during his rookie year. The pick is nice, although I think it's from the Blues.

I think it's a huge gamble by Buffalo to take on Kane and his attitude, but he's a massive talent. I think Winnipeg could have gotten more back.
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