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What do you think?

Postby DMa98 » Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:41 pm

I am playing a hockey Sim league at the moment and we are currently in our 3rd year. I am just curious as to what you guys think of my team thus far. In my first season, the team was 25th in league overall, ended up getting the 1st pick in the lotto draft during the taylor hall era. In my second season, my team made it all the way to the 2nd round of the playoffs, was the northwest divison champs, Conference champs and we also clinched the President's Trophy.

I have so far revamped the team and am now going off to a decent start to the season. This is my line up.

Morrow/ Ribiero/ Erat
Ladd/ Horcoff/ Wheeler
Mcleod/ Thompson/ Mancari
Torres/ Pisani/ Boll

Souray/ Smaby
Zidlicky/ Gervais
Allen/ Guenin

C. Mason

Injury: Bolland

Once Bolland comes back from injury, he's slotted as the 3rd line center with Thompson going back to 4th. Pisani moves to the right wing on the 3rd line while Mancari goes down to the minors.

Chris Mason was a beast for me last year, main reason why he's won me the pres and the conference and the division but so far he's struggling. I've Pavelec but Schneider beats him out on the depth chart.

What do you guys think of the team and what line changes would you make? I am all ears. :D
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