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Simulation Hockey League

Postby mook » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:16 pm

Hey everybody, I'm not trying to spam, I'm just posting this site because I thought maybe some of you in this forum would be interested in a thing like this. Essentially, you create your own player and embark on your career in the fictional "Simulation Hockey League". You'll be drafted to our junior league, the "Simulation Major Junior Hockey League" for one season before joining the SHL the following season.

The league functions very much like Be A Pro from the EA NHL Series, except you physically do not play the games, instead they are simulated through the Simon T Hockey Simulator. However, you do train your player and there many ways to do so, none of which are time consuming at all. We have many "point tasks" throughout the year, which vary from writing a short like 200 word "essay" about how you think your player will do that season to mock drafts to simply posting in a thread and getting points for doing so. On top of that, you can also earn money through your contract you sign with the team, writing articles or creating graphics like avatars or signatures and such. You can then spend that money on individual training and add points to your player on a weekly basis.

In terms of community, we are very active and very welcoming. Immediately, you will be assigned to a member who will act as your mentor and help you acclimate to the site and all of its features. There are also commissioners who are always willing to answer your questions or you do something. If you're interested, but still have questions, feel free to ask or if you decide to sign up and need some help finding your way around, my username over there is "Mook", so feel free to shoot me a message, because I'm always there to help.

Sorry if this comes as spammy, that's my not intent. I simply posted this because I thought some people here would be interested and if the mods think this is spammy at all, I'd be happy to remove it. Thanks.

We are just beginning the 21st season of the SHL! If you make a player now then you are able to be drafted by a SMJHL team when it happens shortly!

Create a player, recruited by "Mook"
Get signed to a team
Train your player
Make Money
Have fun!
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Re: Simulation Hockey League

Postby WinnipegWingnut » Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:00 pm

No spam at all, sounds pretty cool!
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