WTH happened to this site?

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WTH happened to this site?

Postby rludeman44 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:31 pm

I’ve used this site for years for fantasy hockey for starting goaltenders. Does anybody even update the starting goaltenders anymore? I haven’t Got one starting goaltender confirmation from this site, this year, prior to ESPN fantasy hockey getting the first word. That’s unreal bc ESPN is awful for starting goalies. It’s either 30 mins before puck drop or not at all. Seems like they’ve completely quit on this site because at worst they could just copy ESPN’s “tip” but you they don’t even do that. I realize it’s free and that will be the argument but it’s pretty sad that this use to be one of my favorites on laptop and phone internet search but now it’s a waste of time. I created a twitter account and followed all 3 of my starting goalies teams now to find out who’s starting.
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