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Hot Barf

Postby WinnipegWingnut » Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:59 pm

Well not only did we ring in the New Year, we invented a new shot playing 6/49. It's a little game we invented in my pizza delivery days at the bar after work, you close your eyes and pick a bottle, go 6 to the left and pick that bottle, 4 to the right and pick that one, then 9 to the left and pick that one. Put a third of each in a shot glass, and that's a 6/49.

The shot we invented could turn out to be the next 18th birthday shot (19th in other provinces and 21 in the states). It smells like barf, no doubt about it, like real puke. But man oh man it tastes great!

Three equal parts:

Absolute Kurant
Smirnoff Passion Fruit

Smell it first, then shoot it!
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